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Social Science e-Learning Software Testing Projects

PsychInteractive CD-ROM to accompany Understanding Psychology 7/e (and Essentials of Understanding Psychology 6/e)

This CD provides a library of electronic interactivities (with video), conceptually based quizzes, and an electronic gradebook, all specifically created for this new edition and available both on the PsychInteractive student CD-ROM and on the text's companion website.

Reel Justice Interactive Movie Student Version (and Instructor Version)

This interactive movie, centered on a violent assault that takes place in a college town, allows students to explore criminal justice concepts and terminology. Movie segments are augmented by an array of review and assessment features. Students can explore a wide variety of criminal justice issues firsthand—criminal responsibility, theories of crime causation, civil vs. criminal law, police roles, functions, and ethics, the courts, and more.

Reel Society 2.0 Interactive Movie CD-ROM Student Edition (also Instructor Edition)

In Study Mode, the student watches and interacts with the movie scenes linked to specific topics and textbook chapters, while doing frequent self-assessments, discussion questions, and homework assignments, topic- and chapter-specific and ideal for test preparation.  The Story Mode--for watching the interactive movie as a film or TV program and making decisions for the main character--includes Topic Summaries and links to online assessment activities. Scorecard tracks a student’s completion of CD-ROM assignments and reports completion status to the instructor using new e-mail and print features.

Reel Society Interactive Movie CD-ROM Version 1.5 (Instructor Edition)

Study Mode offers chapter-specific self-assessments and homework assignments, ideal for student test preparation. Story Mode now includes topic summaries and links to online assessment activities. A new "Scorecard" feature tracks a student’s completion of CD-ROM assignments and reports completion status to the instructor via e-mail and print features. A thorough, updated, 50-page Instructor’s Guide on the new Instructor's CD Version 1.5 provides detailed directions and suggestions for using the interactive movie as part of an introductory sociology course.

Reel Families Interactive Movie CD-ROM

In the Reel Families Interactive Movie, the student takes on the role of the role of Celia, a graduate student who has moved back home to live with her mother and stepfather. The student influences key plot turns by making choices that determine the types of relationships Celia has with family members as well as her family's place in the larger society. Students explore a wide variety of issues — class differences in family life, forming a union, the “modern” American family, parents and children, what families do, and more. Movie segments are augmented by review and assessment features. This product is meant to accompany marriage and family and sociology of family textbooks.

Reel Interpersonal Interactive Movie CD-ROM, Student Edition, 1st Edition

This interactive movie demonstrates interpersonal communication issues using actors and scenarios involving campus life. The student takes on the role of one of the characters and influences the plot by making choices for the character. A wide variety of issues and perspectives are addressed, reinforcing major interpersonal communication concepts and theories. In addition to the interactive movie, explanatory text and a glossary, this CD-ROM includes quizzes and discussion questions to test students' knowledge of interpersonal communication.

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