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Art Fundamentals Core Concepts CD-ROM

The Art Fundamentals Core Concepts CD-ROM offers students essential study material on the key elements and techniques. Each element of art is illustrated and enhanced with interactive exercises. Art techniques are explained and demonstrated with brief video segments. Because the CD-ROM is designed to enhance the experience of the textbook and to help students succeed in their art fundamentals coursework, Art Fundamentals Core Concepts contains chapter-by-chapter summaries, outlines, biographies, demonstrations of design principles, and printable projects for students to execute. More general material is provided on acquiring important study skills such as note taking and memorization and the text is further supplemented by guides to Internet essentials and to online research.

Between One and Many with Speech Coach Student CD-ROM 2.0 and PowerWeb 5e

This CD along with the text presents public speaking as a living and dynamic transaction in which the meaning of the message emerges from the relationship between the speaker and the audience. 

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