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Economics e-Learning Software Testing Projects

DiscoverEcon series

DiscoverEcon is described as "the most exciting and widely used Economics educational software on the market." This Java-based software includes interactive graphing exercises, animated illustrations, problems, web exercises, and randomly generated "match-the-terms" and multiple choice quizzes. Many exercises are self-grading, with student results being sent to the instructor's gradebook. The instructor side includes assignment creation, gradebook keeping, and assignment feedback features. Because of our familiarity with the subject and how it should interface with the technology, over the last several years we have been asked to test this software as it has evolved through several versions and been applied to a number of textbooks. We are currently testing the version to be released in January 2006.

Online Learning Center (OLC) t/a Colander Economics 6/e

This website presents digital content germane to Economics, Microeconomics, and Macroeconomics textbooks, including Introductions, Tutorials using interactive graphing applets, Practice Exercises and four levels of multiple-choice quizzes. WebNotes from the book are found on the site, as well as Web Questions. In addition, students can access Web Newsletters, a section on Writing About Economics, a Glossary, a Colloquial Glossary, and answers to even-numbered end-of-chapter questions. Instructors will find downloadable PowerPoint presentations, the Instructor's Manual, Sample Syllabi, etc.

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