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Course Management/Test Bank Management Software Testing Projects

We have tested the following course management/test bank management software:

Mathzone Course Management Software

Mathzone course management software is a complete online tutorial and course management system for mathematics and statistics. It allows instructors to create student assignments that include online tutorials and algorithmic exercises, to customize grading parameters and to keep track of student assignment completion and grades.

PageOut Course Management Software

PageOut course management software is a course management software that allows instructors to create course websites; build and manage assessments, and maintain online gradebooks.

EZ Test 5.0, 6.0 Test Bank Management Software

EZ Test provides a powerful, easy-to-use test maker. Instructors can create quizzes and exams that can be printed in .rtf or .pdf format and exported to WebCT, Blackboard, PageOut and EZ Test Online. EZ Test runs on both Windows and Macintosh systems. Support is included for appropriate types of graphics and symbols. Tests can also be imported into EZ Test from appropriately formatted Microsoft Word or .rtf files. We have just finished testing the latest major release (and were heavily involved in testing the first major release).


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