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SimNet (series): SimNet XPert, SimNet for Office 2003, SimNet Proficiency

Computer-based learning for teaching Microsoft Office XP/2003, this simulated learning and assessment tool consists of a Learning Component as well as an Assessment Component, both of which are based on the MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) Objectives. This product teaches Microsoft Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Windows 2000/XP and basic computing concepts. Due to our in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Office applications, we were able to provide valuable feedback on the functionality of this application.


This computer-based learning course  is a stand-alone, self-study guide to accompany several Management Information Systems textbooks. SimNet MIS includes learning modules for Management Information Systems concepts, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Access, as well as three video case studies. During installation, students can choose tutorials for Microsoft Office XP or Microsoft Office 2003.

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