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Business e-Learning Software Testing Projects

Student CD-ROM to accompany Essentials of Marketing 10/e

This Student CD includes a Hypertext Reference, self-test questions and key term “flash cards”, narrated slide shows that include print and TV ads, video clips to accompany cases in the text, computer-aided problem spreadsheet software, and an extensive set of print ads with comments. We have been testing revisions of this high-profile product for several years running.

Instructor Resource CD-ROM to accompany Managerial Communications 3/e

This Instructor CD-ROM includes Teaching Notes, Questions for class discussion, Cases and Case Questions, and relevant Web sites for every chapter. It also includes PowerPoint slides and a mixture of True/False, Multiple Choice and Short Answer Essay questions for every chapter.

Instructor's Resource CD-ROM to accompany Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation

This Instructor's Resource CD includes Instructor's Manual, Test Bank, PowerPoint slides and a computerized Test Bank.

Student CD-ROM to accompany Introduction to Operations Research

This product contains the student version of MPL Modeling System and its solver CPLEX, an MPL tutorial, and relevant examples from the text modeled in MPL; relevant examples from the text modeled in LINGO/LINDO; fully updated and redesigned tutorial software from the sixth edition (OR Tutor and IOR Tutorial); Excel Add-ins: TreePlan; SensIt; RiskSim; and Premium Solver; Excel spreadsheet formulations and solutions for relevant examples from the text; many Excel templates for automatically solving a variety of models; 120-day trial edition of Microsoft Project 2000.

You Be The Judge DVD Complete Set

This DVD presents multimedia cases that students can analyze on their own and check their understanding of the business law against the ruling of a judge. 

Web Site to accompany Marketing Research 3/e

This website contains downloadable supplements, extra support material provided by the text authors, and an online marketing research project. Each chapter contains quizzes, a case exercise, and additional text support such as examples, activities, and information. The website includes online support for each stage of a marketing research project, from problem definition to presentation: 12 modules one for each stage of the process where students can access hypertext links to book content, links for research, examples of each step’s activities, and a worksheet to complete each section.

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