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Accounting e-Learning Software Testing Projects

Our subject knowledge of accounting and experience with accounting software has led to our testing a number of software products and product series that teach accounting principles.

Carol Yacht's General Ledger  software on CD-ROM (series)

This software is an easy-to-use, modern general ledger software tool that helps students learn how to record transactions, explore depreciation methods and inventory systems, calculate financial ratios, and create financial statements. This software supports the use of customized problem and solution data sets per textbook. We have tested both the General Ledger software application itself (through development) as well as its implementation for a number of textbooks. One implementation of the general ledger software we have tested is found by following the link.

Thunder Mountain Computerized Business Simulation for use with Principles of Accounting/Financial Accounting

This computerized business simulation productand its cousin, Granite Bay Jet Ski, which we also test regularlyallows students to practice entering accounting transactions related to running  a small business, including accounting for inventory.

Accounting Topic Tackler (series)

These interactive CDs help students with the accounting concepts they typically find the most difficult to learn. The material on the CDs includes an innovative, step-by-step integration of a video segment, slide show, a practice session and a self-test for each difficult-to-master concept. Some CDs include additional videos and narrated slide shows. One of the Topic Tackler interactive accounting software products we have tested recently is found by clicking the link. Products we have tested in this series each year include CDs/DVDs for financial, managerial, intermediate, and cost accounting.

Intermediate Accounting Coach software

The Coach CD-ROM is a multimedia product integrating narrated illustrations, quizzes, and alternative reading material that helps students understand some of the more difficult topics associated with intermediate accounting.

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