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e-Learning Software Quality Assurance Testing

Do you want to impress your customers with the quality of your e-learning applications?

We can help by testing your applications for technical robustness and usability. Our strength is in the interface between technology and content - we don't just "push buttons", we think outside the box. We have tested hundreds of e-learning software applications ranging in complexity from Instructor Resource CD-ROMs to interactive multimedia CD-ROMs, DVDs and websites to multi-user, multi-configuration, server-based applications requiring several hundred hours of testing. For example, we have tested:

  • LMSs (Learning Management Systems)
  • distance learning courses for a variety of subjects
  • simulations for Microsoft® Office (MOUS) skills, Windows
  • interactive anatomy and physiology labs
  • medical terminology games
  • foreign language learning software (French, Spanish, German)
  • economics graphing tools
  • accounting tutorials
  • marketing games and small business simulations
  • etc.

For examples of the kinds of projects we have tested, please click on the Software Testing Projects link in the menu bar.

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